2017 - Competency AC-B

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Competency B: Practices support continuity through empanelment and systematic access to the patient’s medical record.

AC 10 (Core): Helps patients/families/ caregivers select or change a personal clinician

The practice documents patients’ choice of clinician, gives patients/families/caregivers information about the importance of having a personal clinician and care team responsible for coordinating care, and assists in the selection process. The practice may document a defined pair of clinicians (e.g., physician and nurse practitioner, physician and resident) or a practice team. Single clinician sites automatically meet this criterion.

Description Example/Screenshot/Documentation Source Date Added
A description of how a PCP is tracked in PCC Tracking a PCP in PCC PCC 09/06/17

AC 11 (Core): Sets goals and monitors the percentage of patient visits with the selected clinician or team

The practice establishes a goal for the proportion of visits a patient should have with the primary care provider and care team. The goal should acknowledge that meeting patient preferences for timely appointments will sometimes be at odds with the ability to see their selected clinician.

A report with at least five days of data, showing the total percentage of patient encounters that occurred with personal clinicians is required to meet this factor. There is no expected percentage to meet, but you must document your expected goal.

Description Example/Screenshot/Documentation Source Date Added
Example spreadsheet showing % of appointments scheduled with PCP clinician (Contact your PCC Client Advocate for assistance getting this report) Reporting % of visits with selected clinician PCC 09/06/17

AC 12 (2 Credits): Provides continuity of medical record information for care and advice when the office is closed

AC 13 (1 Credit): Reviews and actively manages panel sizes

AC 14 (1 Credit): Reviews and reconciles panels based on health plan or other outside patient assignments