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The practice provides continuity of care for patients/families by:

1.D.1 Expecting patients/families to select a personal clinician

For this, you should highlight the section of their patient policy that describes the expectation and reason for choosing a personal clinician at the practice.

Description Example/Screenshot/Documentation Source Date Added
A patient's primary care provider is documented in the patient editor in Partner. Look for the yellow highlights in the left margin PCP Process TPC 03/25/13

1.D.2 Documenting the patient’s/family’s choice of clinician

You should show where you track a primary care provider in Partner and how this PCP appears on the scheduling screen as a reminder to schedulers when booking appointments. Here are a couple screenshots that show these features:

Description Example/Screenshot/Documentation Source Date Added
An example of a documented process for tracking PCP. PCP Process TPC 03/25/13
A description of how a PCP is tracked in PCC Tracking a PCP in PCC PCC 07/03/14

1.D.3 Monitoring the percentage of patient visits with selected clinician or team.

You need to produce a report showing the percentage of patient visits within a specified time period (at least five days) that are performed by the patient's PCP on record. This would need to reported for each provider. In the end, you'll need to produce a summary report showing:

  •  % of total visits where a PCP was assigned to the patient
  •  % of total visits where the provider who saw the patient was the PCP
Description Example/Screenshot/Documentation Source Date Added
Using PCC's recaller functionality to monitor the percentage of visits with a selected clinician Reporting % of visits with selected clinician PCC 07/03/14
Another example report (last page) PCP Process TPC 03/25/13