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To understand the health risks and information needs of patients/families, the practice conducts and documents a comprehensive health assessment that includes:

  • 2.C.1 - Documentation of age- and gender appropriate immunizations and screenings
  • 2.C.2 - Family/social/cultural characteristics
  • 2.C.3 - Communication needs
  • 2.C.4 - Medical history of patient and family
  • 2.C.5 - Advance care planning (NA for pediatric practices) Not appropriate for pediatric offices
  • 2.C.6 - Behaviors affecting health
  • 2.C.7 - Patient and family mental health/substance abuse
  • 2.C.8 - Developmental screening using a standardized tool (NA for practices with no pediatric patients)
  • 2.C.9 - Depression screening for adults and adolescents using a standardized

Description Example/Screenshot/Documentation Source Date Added
Examples for 2.C.1,2,3,4,6,7 Sample Chart PCC Client 04/11/13
Examples for 2.C.8 Sample Chart PCC Client 04/11/13
Examples for 2.C.9 Sample Chart PCC Client 04/11/13

Partner and/or PCC EHR practices that use Bright Futures protocols should qualify for all of these. Or if you have defined or customized your own protocols on paper or within PCC EHR, you would just need to document that you address all of these areas. Examples and screenshots from the EHR or paper chart forms would be required.