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Competency D: The practice addresses medication safety and adherence by providing information to the patient and establishing processes for medication documentation, reconciliation and assessment of barriers.

KM 14 (Core): Reviews and reconciles medications for more than 80 percent of patients received from care transitions

Description Example/Screenshot/Documentation Source Date Added
In PCC EHR, a component called "Transition of Care (ARRA)" can be added to protocols. The first check box adds the patient to the denominator, the second check box adds them to the numerator. The result is reported from the EHR MU report as the "Medication Reconciliation" measure.
Protocol including Transition of Care data element
PCC EHR 08/14/17

Additionally, incoming care transmissions can be received in PCC EHR via a continuity of care document (C-CDA) and medications can be reconciled from this document.