2017 - Competency TC-A

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TC 01 (Core): Designates a clinician lead of the medical home and a staff person to manage the PCMH transformation and medical home activities

The practice identifies the clinician lead and the transformation manager (the person leading the PCMH transformation). This may be the same person. The practice provides details including the person’s name, credentials and roles/responsibilities.

TC 02 (Core): Defines practice organizational structure and staff responsibilities/skills to support key PCMH functions

The practice provides an overview of practice staff; an outline of duties the staff are expected to execute as part of the medical home; and how the practice will support and train staff to complete these duties.

TC 03 (1 Credit): The practice is involved in external PCMH-oriented collaborative activities (e.g., federal/state initiatives, health information exchanges)

The practice demonstrates involvement in at least one state or federal initiative (e.g., CPC+, care management learning collaborative led by the state, two-way data exchange with a local health information exchange; population-based care or learning collaborative) or participates in a health information exchange. Many PCC practices collaborate with their state or local organization by participating in a health information exchange. To get credit for this component, describe your involvement in this collaborative activity

TC 04 (2 Credits): Patients/families/caregivers are involved in the practice’s governance structure or on stakeholder committees

The practice demonstrates involvement by:

  • Giving patients/families/caregivers a role in the practice’s governance structure or Board of Directors.
  • Organizing a patient and family advisory council (i.e., stakeholder committee).

At a minimum, the process specifies how patients/ families/caregivers are selected for participation, their role and frequency of meetings.

TC 05 (2 Credits): The practice uses an EHR system (or modules) that has been certified and issued an ONC Certification ID, conducts a security risk analysis, and implements security updates as necessary correcting identified security deficiencies

The practice enters the name and certification number of the electronic system(s) implemented in the practice. Only systems for which the practice meets the following should be entered:

  • Active use of a certified EHR system.
  • Completed the required security risk analysis.
  • Implemented security updates to correct identified risks, as necessary.

PCC is 2014-certified by ONC with CMS certification ID of 1314E01PRYOZEA5

Description Example/Screenshot/Documentation Source Date Added
PCC Resources for Security Risk Assessments including online tool and CMS tip sheet PCC 8/10/17