2017 - Competency TC-B

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TC 06 (Core): Has regular patient care team meetings or a structured communication process focused on individual patient care

The practice maintains a structured communication process, sharing information about patients, care needs, concerns for the day and other information that encourages efficient patient care and practice flow. The process may include tasks or messages in the medical record, regular e-mail exchanges, or notes on the schedule about a patient and the roles of the clinician or team leader and others in the communication process.

TC 07 (Core): Involves care team staff in the practice’s performance evaluation and quality improvement activities

The documented process for quality improvement activities includes a description of staff roles and staff involvement in the performance evaluation and improvement process.

TC 08 (2 Credits) Has at least one care manager qualified to identify and coordinate behavioral health needs

The care manager has the training and licensure to provide psychotherapeutic treatment directly, supports behavioral healthcare in the primary care office and coordinates referrals to specialty behavioral health services outside the clinic.