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3.A Patient Information

The practice uses an electronic system to record patient information, including capturing information for factors 1–13 as structured (searchable) data for more than 80 percent of its patients:

  1. Date of birth
  2. Sex
  3. Race
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Preferred language
  6. Telephone numbers
  7. E-mail address
  8. Occupation (NA for pediatric practices).
  9. Dates of previous clinical visits
  10. Legal guardian/health care proxy
  11. Primary caregiver
  12. Presence of advance directives (N/A for pediatrics)
  13. Health insurance information
  14. Name and contact information of other health care professionals involved in patient’s care. (Note: This factor does not require the field to be searchable or structured data.)

To achieve all points for this element, you must meet 80% for at least 10 of the above factors. "Presence of advance directives" and "Occupation" do not apply for pediatric practices, so you will get credit for those items. "Primary Caregiver" is something that you probably don't track and it's implied that this is supposed to be a separate field from "Legal Guardian" (Custodian). For race and ethnicity, if the patient "prefers not to answer" specify that and you would get credit. You would need to produce a report showing the percentage of all patients seen in a three month date range that have the first 13 fields above fields documented.

A report with this information can be generated through recaller. Instructions are listed below, but please contact PCC support if you need assistance.

Description Example/Screenshot/Documentation Source Date Added
Document describing where PCC stores relevant patient information Storing patient information in PCC PCC 07/03/14